Property Styling

Property styling is the phrase used when people go through the process of preparing their home for sale. These preparations could help to sell your home faster and for a higher price. A superbly styled home has been proven to sell earlier and to stand out from other homes being promoted in a comparable market.

Styling your property for sale can be as simple as de-cluttering and moving furniture or as involved as re-furnishing or hiring furniture.

The benefits of property styling primarily come down to buyer appeal, which may result in faster sales and higher prices. Buying a home is an emotional journey. Potential buyers have to see themselves making a home in any prospective properties that they view. Creating the right atmosphere and presenting a home for sale with desirable styling could lead to multiple prospective buyers.

Most prospective buyers find it difficult to overlook outdated, cluttered, disorganised or over furnished rooms. Property styling will alleviate this and allow prospective property buyers to visualise themselves moving in.

Property styling is not about undergoing major renovation works; it is about ensuring that each room in the home has a clearly defined function, has that ‘wow’ factor and is harmonious and un-cluttered.

A few things to consider when styling your home:

  • Cleaning – this is a very important first step and it’s not just vacuuming and mopping. Taking the time to clean the walls, window sills, skirtings, windows and fans. Make sure there are no dust laced cobwebs hanging in the corners and give your house an external clean.
  • De-cluttering – store some of the objects that you have collected over the years to create space. Pack away ornament collections and any smaller household items that you may love, but potential buyers may see as clutter.
  • Painting – if the inside of your house is reminiscent of Joseph’s Technicolour Dreamcoat, seriously consider giving your home a fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour. Re-painting the walls in a neutral colour will give your rooms a fresh lease on life and make them appear large and more spacious.
  • Be Critical – stand back and look at each room. Is there too much furniture in the room? Too many accessories? Are the plants still alive? Take at least half of everything out of a room to see how it looks, then re-introduce furniture one piece at a time so you can assess when a room starts to become overstuffed.
  • Set the Mood – before potential buyers enter your home, hide your dirty laundry in the washing machine, put your grooming products away in the cupboard, arrange some fresh flowers in a vase, dispose of any rubbish and leave a few lamps on for atmosphere.

Remember, property styling is about de-personalising and de-cluttering your home to emphasize the space to its best advantage; so a potential buyer can envisage themselves living there.

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