Colour Consulting

From the moment we are born, colour plays a vital part in our life. Newborn babies are attracted to dark and light contrasting colours; bright colours appeal to toddlers; younger school children prefer pastels and lighter tints; middle aged school children are drawn to solid colours and older children like deeper shades of the colour spectrum.

Colour has an emotional impact on our lives. We associate colour with negative and positive feelings and how we remember certain experiences. But without colour, our lives and the world would be lacklustre and gloomy.

Given we have such a complex relationship with colour, how do you successfully bring colour into your home? The right use of colour can transform a room from dull to stimulating; but with so many choices available and so many external factors to be taken into consideration, choosing the right colour palette can be a little overwhelming.

That’s where a colour consultation with a Colour Consultant or Interior Decorator can help you create the right colour palette for your home. Colour Consultants and Interior Decorators are trained professionals who have a flair for the use of colour and utilise colour psychology to help transform your home into a harmonious and welcoming environment. A Colour Consultant or Interior Decorator can advise you of the latest trends and development in colour and devise a colour scheme that will compliment your home and suit your lifestyle.

Even if you know what colours you like and dislike; working with a Colour Consultant or Interior Decorator can help you make important colour decisions, which will make or break the final result. For example, what colour shades will work well in particular rooms given the aspect of and light in a room; what sheen of paint you should use and whether the chosen colours will compliment your furniture and soft furnishings.

Colour consultations do not only include choosing the right paint colours for your home, but can also include:

  • Exterior – considering how external paint colours work with your walls , roof, guttering and paving;
  • Wallpaper – choosing the right colour and pattern of wallpaper to enhance a space;
  • Kitchen and bathroom – ensuring the colour of laminates, stone bench tops, glass splashbacks and tiled surfaces work together harmoniously;
  • Furnishings and Soft Furnishings – selecting the right colour and material for furniture, accessories, cushions and curtains to compliment your scheme.

If you are having trouble choosing a complimentary colour scheme for your home from the vast array of colour charts, wallpapers, laminates and fabrics; getting professional advice from a Colour Consultant or Interior Decorator could save you time, money and heartache.

Drawing on the knowledge and experience of a Colour Consultant or Interior Decorator to colour your world means less stress and in the long term a better investment for your sanity, your hip pocket and your home.

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